Book Circle Resources

Welcome to the THINK.PLAN.LIVE. Book Circle.

As part of your journey through the Book, it’s important to watch the following Soundbites videos.  You can watch these as a group or you can choose to watch them alone and then discuss your outcomes when you get together next.

These Soundbites will give you a deeper insight into each area as you progress through your Life Design journey.

These videos are in chronological order and the pages that they correspond to in the book are noted for your information.

I do hope you enjoy this extra insight into the Life Design process.


Gill x


In the first two videos, Gill will take you through an Introduction to Life Design and what you can expect from the Life Design SoundBites videos.

In these next two videos, we will take a look at how to discover patterns and trends in your Life Line which is covered by pages 37 to 49 of the book.

That then leads into the Values exercise (page 50 to 59) and how to prioritise and choose your most important values.


The next two vidoeos look at the Strength exercise (page 60 to 83).

The first video is these next two videos, we will take a look at discovering and defining your strengths and the second videos builds on this to help you decide what your top strengths are.


Classification of your Energy Sources is covered in the video and also in pages 115 to 140 of the book.  This is an important step to ensure you are working with the right people.  And pages 143 to 156 cover Gifts – defining and deciding what you do and your why.


Inspiration is covered in the first video below.  This is all about your where (pages 159 to 161) and how your environment brings out the best in you.

And what’s the point in doing all the hard work without integrating these findings into your life?  The second video below talks about setting goals around integration and shifting from a compartmentalised plan into an integrated one which is covered in pages 179 to 200.



The last two videos are looking at your Biography and Autobiography (from page 171) and then we take some time to reflect on your learnings around your Life Fingerprint (from page 203).